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Bianca Atkins is a Brazilian photographer currently living in Hawaii. Her passion for photography began at a young age in Brazil where she took several photography courses, still using film cameras. In her early twenties, she started traveling around the world, always capturing everything with her camera and at age 25 she had her own travel TV show, broadcasted on a major TV channel. In Addition to hosting the show, she was also responsible for capturing the photography of the show. In order to create content, she used two cameras, a standard film camera as well as the first-generation model of a GoPro


During the TV show off-seasons, Bianca traveled to Hawaii, where she fell in love with the islands and moved to Oahu. This was the beginning of a new chapter in her life. While in her new home, she spent hours swimming with her GoPro capturing the waves and barrels until she met her husband where they then spent a year traveling through Asia. After returning to Hawaii, she became pregnant with her oldest child, Zion. Now, as a mother, capturing and posting her baby's important moments on Instagram was her obsession. Always using a GoPro, it didn't take long until the company contacted her to purchase her family/lifestyle photos, resulting in directly working freelance for GoPro. A few years later, The GoPro Awards program was created, since then Bianca has always held the #1 or #2 position, in the world with 25+ awards. With a strong social media presence, she now works creating content and campaigns for brands, as well as producing private photoshoots. While always aiming to help the client to achieve content and campaign goals, the client has the option to choose to have their content captured with either her trademark GoPro film or a traditional DSLR camera. 


* Please use the contact section for a media kit, updated IG insights, and package pricing.

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